All City Paint x EWOKONE “Brainlington” Wood Panels

ALL CITY PAINT SUPPLY is located in the Wallingford neighborhood in Seattle, WA. All City Paint Supply has a deeply rooted connection with the local, national and international graffiti art community. They are also a leading supplier of graffit art supplies.

For their grand opening, All City Paint contracted and flew in world-renowned artist EWOKONE from New York to have him grace our city with a 60ft mural of "Brainlington" on a side of a building. To celebrate their opening, they had us screen print 40 wood panels with a scaled down version of Brainlington to be sold at their store. All 40 pieces came out flawlessly, and were each hand-signed and numbered by EWOKONE himself.

40 wood panels. Silk screened by hand in a few hours. Another happy customer for ThisThat. Video after the jump!