New at ThisThat: Embroidery!

We are very excited to have recently added embroidery services to the mix at ThisThat! Check out some of the hats we've been working on lately...just in time for baseball season! Emb1Emb2Emb3Emb4

Amazon Smile

A big thanks to Deana over at Amazon for bringing yet another shirt design our way for printing! AmazonPost


    Just a little print for Pepsi this week... PepsiPost

Clif Bar Prints

We had the pleasure of printing these tees and some running shorts for a group at Clif Bar this week! Garett was fantastic to work with and we may have received some really yummy treats in return. We never realized there were so many choices. I don't think we'll go hungry in the shop for quite a while! Check them out!   ClifPost


Since most of our time is spent printing the desings of others, we aren't able to focus nearly as much energy as we'd like to ThisThat specific tees. In the midst of it all we finally found an afternoon to come up with a BeastQuake design of our own. To our pleasent surprise, the shirts were received very well and sold out within a couple days. We even shipped a few out of to Arizona, where Super Bowl 49 was held! It was fun and really drove home the point that we need to find a way to do this more often. There's a lot of creativity in this shop that deserves to be brought to you all can wear it! And though the season ended painfully, how bout' them Seahawks!? Can't wait until September!!BeastBlogPost2

Taking a break from the Seahawks mania to print a job outside of our usual box. Check out these black on black album covers for Hollow Earth! We can do more than just t-shirts! RecordCovers

It's that time of year again...Seahawks madness everywhere you go! It's no different here in the shop. We had a week filled with prints paying homage to our hawks in preparation for Sunday's game. Needless to say, we're all glad it's Friday. Not only because we're tired, but because that means we're closer to game day! Shout outs to Tommy at Homefield Sporting Co., Dave at theCool and Ray and Jackie from Rebels & Scholars! Get em' while they're hot! And of course, GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HawksPost