All City Paint x EWOKONE “Brainlington” Wood Panels

ALL CITY PAINT SUPPLY is located in the Wallingford neighborhood in Seattle, WA. All City Paint Supply has a deeply rooted connection with the local, national and international graffiti art community. They are also a leading supplier of graffit art supplies.

For their grand opening, All City Paint contracted and flew in world-renowned artist EWOKONE from New York to have him grace our city with a 60ft mural of "Brainlington" on a side of a building. To celebrate their opening, they had us screen print 40 wood panels with a scaled down version of Brainlington to be sold at their store. All 40 pieces came out flawlessly, and were each hand-signed and numbered by EWOKONE himself.

40 wood panels. Silk screened by hand in a few hours. Another happy customer for ThisThat. Video after the jump!

Color Variety Pack For Jirafe

VIKING LABORATORY is a design and branding firm based out of New York. They needed a big favor, and ThisThat was here to deliver.

JIRAFE - an online service that helps online merchants make the most out of their eCommerce experience, needed hundreds of shirts done for their company and its employees. One special request from the owner/CEO of the company was to get one in every color for his personal wardrobe. ThisThat printed the Jirafe logo on every color available through the t-shirt manufacturer. Printed and shipped within an hour!

Coe Jog-A-Thon Shirts

Towards the end of the school year, ThisThat wrapped up 500+ shirts for Coe Elementary's annual Jog-A-Thon Fundraiser. Coe Elementary wanted something that was wearable and fashionable for their staff and kids. However, they were on a limited budget. ThisThat made a charitable contribution towards the cost of the shirts in order for them to get what they wanted, and on time for their kids and their event.

ThisThat donates to Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Northwest chapter of Make-A-Wish Foundation came to ThisThat last week with a rush job for a very special boy.

Diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy when he was just a baby, Colby is unable to walk, is losing function in his hands and has trouble eating. He's already overcome great odds and now, thanks to Make-A-Wish, he was living out his dream of being a stealth special agent.

The request was to print hoodies and t-shirts for volunteers to let Colby know who was an agent and who was a villain. We printed 8 hoodies, and more than 50 red tees and purple shirts, which can be seen worn by everyone in the video below.

We at ThisThat felt honored that Make-A-Wish would trust us with their job. We felt just as honored to help Colby fulfil his wish. Go get 'em Colby!!!

Read the full article HERE.

Sol – “The Zillas” & Logo Summer Tanks

Known as "Seattle's Prince," Sol has been making his way up the ranks of the northwest music scene. With the release of his highly-anticipated independent album "Yours Truly," Sol needed some merchandise to sell at his upcoming shows. He came to ThisThat, and we delivered.

Sol refers to his fans as "The Zillas," so we took that and ran with it. We found a familiar photo of Sol performing in front of one of his crowds. We swapped out the top of the photo with a galaxy shot, played around with the colors, layout and type and got to printing.

"The Zillas" design features a 6-color, simulated process front print, and a 1-color back. The Sol Logo summer tanks feature a 1-color front print, and a 1-color back. 200 pieces finished in a day. Screenshots of the artwork, and video of the printing process below.

Sol's Website: SOLSAYS.COM

Seattle University HUI Club Anniversary Shirts

A couple weeks ago, ThisThat got a call from a representative from Seattle University's Hawaiian Club. They called 4 other shops with a specific design, requesting a print over the shoulder seam of both the front and the back of a red tshirt. The design represents a traditional polynesian print, and they didn't want to change that based on what was possible in a print shop. Of the 4 shops they contacted, none of them were willing or capable of doing the prints. One call to ThisThat and we took the job on easily.

To read what they had to say about us after their shirts were finished, check out our YELP PAGE.

ThisThat Prints for Campfire OK

Local band Campfire OK came to ThisThat to have some band shirts silk screened for an upcoming show in Portland. We got the shirts in our shop and printed within 2 days. The band members were really particular on the cut, color and style of the shirt, and also wanted to avoid the heavy, plastic feeling that most shirts have. We used a softhand reducer with the ink to get a super soft print, and custom mixed ink based on their specifications.

These guys look happy:

And here's a pretty cool video of Campfire OK band-mobbing OddFellows Cafe in Seattle, WA:

New Music Monday: “Delridge”

Happy Monday to all! On Saturday, April 21, 2012, our good friend Sabzi from Blue Scholars/Townfolk released his latest beat tape, consisting of B-sides and unreleased tracks from his library of unused beats throughout working with Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars, Ra Scion of Common Market, and other well-known artists. And probably a lot of his beats from late night creative sessions in his studio.

From Sabzi: This [beat tape] is technically the second in a series of 20-track collections named after uniquely titled Seattle streets. Much of the inspiration of each of these tracks came from many hours driving up and down these very streets munching on coffee dipped cha quay.
This is some good stuff right here. And with our shop being right on Delridge, this one will be on heavy rotation for many weeks to come. To take a few spins for yourself, click on the image below, visit Sabzi's Bandcamp page.

Throwbacks Northwest – DOPE

We at ThisThat definitely don't think 4/20 is a holiday, nor do we celebrate it. But as a print shop, we have had our fair share of 4/20 prints come through the shop this week. Throwbacks Northwest came to us with a rush job to get these out by 4/20. The 'Dope' prints feature a 6-color, simulated process front print, and 1-color custom silk screened tags. Of all the 4/20 designs that left our shop this week, this one is definitely our favorite.